The Project

The Borghi della Schiara (Hamlets of the Schiara Mountain) is one of the Veneto region’s first experiences in Ospitalità Diffusa (Widespread Hospitality). In 2013, following an experience that had lasted almost five years and a project endorsed by the Municipality of Belluno, Mountain Communities of Belluno (Comunità Montana Bellunese), Bolzano Bellunese Committee for Civic Uses (Comitato Usi Civici di Bolzano Bellunese), the Italian Alpine Club (Cai) and the Recreational Association (Associazione Ricreativa) gave rise to an alternative form of hospitality that is nevertheless qualitatively on a par with standard hotel accommodation.

The six different types of holiday accommodation, each of which is totally self-contained, are a part of the locality and designed to fit in with the local area. You will relax in a proper home, in residential dwellings that are a part of the place you are visiting, that were created without encroaching on the local nature to make way for new tourist accommodation. You’ll enjoy a holiday at your chosen pace, but with the certainty of finding the sort of traditional reception and breakfast services commonly found in hotel type accommodation.
The discovery of the town centres of Bolzano Bellunese, Gioz, Case Bortot and Viàl will be a part of your experience in the Dolomites.